Radical General Semantics



Radical General Semantics [(r)GS] Seminars

Gad Horowitz delivers seminars on radical general semantics [(r)GS] based on his project of adapting and developing the principles and practices of General Semantics set out by its originator Alfred Korzybski. In so doing he radicalizes the rules of engagement constantly putting into questions our ways of representing ‘reality’. Horowitz’s year long seminar shows how general semantic techniques can be utilized to undermine unsane understandings of the world and to develop a saner orientation to reality. 

Horowitz  and [(r)GS] hold that fundamental transformation will not happen in the world unless it is also a transformation of epistemology – of ways of knowing, sensing, and experiencing self, other, and world – beyond the dominant epistemology of the rationality of domination.

The radical truth underlying [(r)GS] is that self-change is essential to social change, that the “Aristotelian” self that has dominated human existence for many centuries can be neuro-semantically restructured  in the sense of non-elementalism and non-identity.

Key skills acquired in these seminar lectures will be awareness of the dysfunction of the 'is' of identity, mapping levels of abstraction in the construction of reality and internalizing the crucial distinctions among event, object and label levels that make up 'what is going on' (WIGO).

Those viewing the seminars will learn and work with the neuro-linguistic devices, the core techniques of general semantics: the structural differential, singularity [index], historicity [date], non-allness [etc.] contextuality [chain index], relationality  [quotes and hyphens].


Dr. Gad Horowitz